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Motif App

Grow through challenges

Motif is a social network for self-improvement that will help you transform yourself while having tons of fun. Follow the challenges created by highly successful people in their fields, or create a challenge yourself and influence millions.

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Learn From The Best

Explore a collection of challenges created by the best in their fields, from Da Vinci’s sleep schedule to Warrent Buffett’s daily reading routine to Marie Kondo's cleaning ritual, and everything in between.

Find Like-Minded People

Join challenges that you are most passionate about and bump into your soulmates who share the same passions and a willingness to grow on the way.

Earn amazing rewards

From a meeting with your idols to a 12-month Headspace subscription, unlock amazing rewards in your self-improvement journey.


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Popular Challenges

Make a new friend everyday (for 100 days) 

Challenging yourself to meet 100 new people is beneficial for all areas of your life. Social capital will penetrate different layers of everyday reality, and there is an undeniable chance that among 100 people, you will find at least one unbelievably amazing person.

by YouTuber SocialCreature69
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